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Reporting abusive/libellous/discriminatory posts

Thu Aug 08, 2013 03:19


We would like to remind all forum users that this site is paid for and hosted by Bohs fans for the benefit of other supporters.

We don't believe in censorship or over-the-top moderating.

This forum is not overly-moderated - moderators do not spend all day scouring every thread with a fine-tooth comb for offensive material.

We don't have many moderators, so when offensive posts appear, we rely on forum users to take on some of the responsibility for its moderation.

To ensure the forum continues, the onus is on all of you to report posts that are:
- Overly abusive
- Potentially libellous
- Discriminatory
- Spam

To report a post, click the exclamation mark at the bottom right of the offending post (see image above). This will alert any moderator when online.
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